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Amber Discusses Afghanistan with the New York Post

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Amber was interviewed by the New York Post to reflect on the 20 year war in Afghanistan and the fall out of the withdrawal:

"Amber Smith could see the enemy poking their heads out of a cave in Asadabad. From the cockpit of her Kiowa Warrior helicopter — a small single engine craft that enabled her to get within hundreds of feet of the Taliban — she took aim at the mouth of it.

She fired one rocket, which exploded against the rocks. Then another.

As she began to turn, a huge explosion shattered the quiet. Her second rocket had been a perfect shot, penetrating deep into the cave and destroying scores of Taliban fighters.

Smith, whose call sign was “Annihilator 24,” was frequently called in when ground forces were under attack."

Read more from the full New York Post article.

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