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Amber Smith is a powerhouse presenter with an inspiring story. As one of the few women to fly the United States Army Kiowa Warrior helicopter into enemy fire in some of the world's most dangerous combat zones, she has mastered performance under pressure. As a former communications executive, Pentagon official, pilot in command, and combat leader, she is used to overcoming obstacles, working in lightning-fast and rapidly evolving environments where the stakes are high, and errors come with disastrous consequences.

Amber's winning attitude and proven ability to perform flawlessly under extreme pressure has led her to thrive in a high-stress world and persevere through even the toughest challenges.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Amber Smith inspires and motivates through her unique ability to connect with her audience, transforming her rare experiences into relatable takeaways that will take high performing teams to the next level, inspire teams to focus by discovering their purpose, and deliver valuable lessons of leadership.

Keynote Topics

Investing in Leadership & Balance

This inspiring and motivational keynote discusses how the principles of effective leadership, including communication, decision-making, influence, confidence, trust-building, and yes, balance, are crucial to next-level leadership. Amber focuses on the benefits of leading with empathy and purpose, skills that will improve morale, productivity and performance, through her own lessons of leading teams. Amber discusses the importance of having a clear and shared vision as a leader and how it can positively impact team performance and improve alignment. This keynote will challenge and inspire the audience, and provide long lasting results.

The Power of Teamwork: Building Resilient Teams

In this empowering keynote, Amber addresses the fundamentals of teamwork and how these principles of purpose, empowerment, resilience, team dynamics, and reasonable risk can be applied to any organization for success. Drawing on examples of working with high-performance teams in high-stake environments where even the smallest error can have significant consequences, Amber shares strategies for building strong teams and fostering a positive team culture. Amber inspires through her stories of resilience and perseverance from her military experiences, highlighting strategies for developing mental toughness and a growth mindset to overcome challenges within a team.

Relevance in a Rapidly Changing World

Amber led high-risk missions all over the globe. She knows first hand what is at stake when complacency sets in a rapidly evolving environment - in a war zone, it can be deadly. Just like in combat, remaining relevant in business is absolutely crucial for success. Speed and adaptability are crucial for business survival. In this engaging and relatable keynote, Amber shares how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, thrive in times of uncertainty, and effectively adapt to change. The audience will leave with clear takeaways to prevent complacency and remain relevant that will increase performance. 

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